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How it works

You bring your area of expertise & your contacts

  ... and we do the rest.

Here's what we provide


That's everything from expert graphic designers  creating logos, sales flyers and ultimately your digital magazine through to sound engineers for podcasts and/or editors for videos.


This is generally the most difficult part of the equation when you're starting out. You might have the contacts but that's a long way from seeing actual sales revenue as you navigate ad specs, rate cards, invoicing, Media kits etc.



Digital marketing is a critical function of media today but it can also be a dark art. We make it easy and we also steer the most effective distribution channels to reach your target market.


You are going to need a professionally designed website for your publication, podcast or video channel and we provide that. We'll also look after the hosting, uploading and site maintenance as well so you don't need to think about outsourcing.

real world exampleS

Here's how your own publication could look

Click here to see examples of magazines, videos and podcasts  APAC Media’s team creates. 

So who are we?

Journos is an initiative of APAC.Media, a company founded by media industry veteran, Brent Rees (see below).

While traditional media continues to crumble, APAC Media was created as a counter force that refocuses the skills of media specialists into the way the world NEEDS those skills TODAY.

Partnering with us to bring your media venture to life is obviously a two-way commercial decision.

We have a few steps to determine if we’re the right fit for each other:

  1.  Contact us with a very brief outline of your idea and your media experience.
  2.  We’ll respond and if we think it’s potentially viable, we’ll send a Non-Disclosure Agreement for counter-signing to protect your IP and ours. 
  3.  When we receive the signed NDA, we’ll send you a questionnaire to complete and our commercial terms for consideration. 
  4.  Upon receipt, our Editorial and Sales teams will do a full project review.
  5.  If we intend to proceed, we will offer you a contract for your review. 

Next steps?


I started out as a journo in Sydney at News Corp’s Daily Mirror back in the heyday of print journalism. I moved across to TV and ultimately wrote, Directed and Executive Produced prime time television for Seven, Nine, Foxtel, Discovery Channel and Animal Planet. A seachange saw me move back to print as an Editor-in-Chief and later NSW Regional General Manager for APN before  returning to the big smoke again as head of Marketing and Communications for the City of Brisbane.

All of that led me toward creating a business that combines all those disciplines into a best of breed digital media production company working with national bodies to create their multimedia publications.

As a former journo looking on while our industry was slowly decimated, I’d like to think with APAC Media, I/we can at least help some colleagues, new and old, to navigate a new path.

Brent Rees


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